Monday, October 20, 2008

I only wish I was resting after my loooong break!

Yes, yes, I'm back after my very long but deliberate break from blogging. I had to stay away from the internet because I had crazy deadlines which were being affected by my internet addiction.

So the last time you heard from me, I was having that huuuuuge issue with my ex land-lady.... an episode I hope I'll never go through again. BUT 2 months down the line (2 months???!!! Gosh... how time flies), I am convinced kicking me out was the best thing she ever did to me. It turns out you never know how much of a crappy time you're having in a particular place until you leave. This is YET another testimony of the silver lining behind the initial grey cloud.

How did I resolve the housing situation? Well let's just say I didn't find being locked out of the flat I called home for about 5 months (on 31 August) very funny. I hate the idea of being exploited by people simply because they think they can. For Pete's sake, I had paid the rent till 31 August no.... 15 September. So what did I do? I went to the authorities who accompanied me back to the flat. Well though I didn't get my full deposit, I proved my point that I wasn't just some stupid student who didn't know her rights.

People asked me to take it further by going to the small claims court but frankly I just felt it would be a waste of my time (even if not money since the legal services would be for free). Seeing she obviously needed the money more than I did, I decided it'd be best to sow a seed into her life :-). She didn't know this, however, and quickly revised the advert lest she got caught trying to exploit me. HA! You know what, I doubt that she found someone to take the room before the 15th because the advert was constantly updated till around the 15th. Needless to say she confirmed that no-one wanted the room. I wonder why.

My flatie was great, sticking by me every step of the way. Till tomorrow, she wonders how I could have stayed there for so long. Well I dunno. Now that I look back, I really wasn't living in an ideal situation. But anywayz, Big Daddy up there fought my battle for me and I am thankful! Despite all, I still sent her an sms saying I enjoyed my time there and it was a shame things ended the way they did. I hate leaving a place with bad vibes.

So the sms ended that chapter and my flatie and I went for sushi and Chinese to celebrate!

I have having a blast since I moved. Though not a typical bedroom but a lounge like I said, I have made the best use of my large living space. I have converted it into a small bachelor flat consisting of a mini bedroom, mini study and mini lounge. It is amazing what a few curtains and the right colour coordination can do for a previously stark space. I have a lovely 4 poster bed and my room is a burst of colours with lime green, peach, green, white, red and fuschia curtains. The sunshine through the colourful curtains gives the most divine glow to the room.

Ok, let's ignore the fact that in trying to cut costs, I was sleeping on a "kak" mattress placed on a futon which I had pulled apart. This totally messed up my back and had to buy an orthopaedic-like mattress to reset my spine. Sigh..... What an experience. Furnishing the space cost me an arm, a leg and a few ribs but it was worth it. People who visit are amazed at what I did to the room. It is really cool and I smile whenever I walk into my room. I guess being a design student also helped. I wish I could do more but I really have to save funds seeing I'm pretty broke now. I think I'll post pictures for you to see.

Ahh... you know what??? It worked out for the best! My flatie is simply amazing (the kind of flatie I have always wanted to live with), I have an amazing view of the sea from my bed, a LARGE living space to do my work in a fantastic location. The block is a friendly block and people are always willing to help no matter what.

The implication of this? I will definitely be there for much longer than 2 months. Recall that my initial plan was to stay here temporarily till the guy's lease was up. Well, I've scrapped that now. As long as there's no more drama, I'm cool. To be honest, I think I'm sick of moving house. My priority now is to get a car! I really really need one now!

So yeah... like Droopy the Dog (without the droopy face) "I'm happy"!

Before I sign off, I'd like to offer my deepest sympathy to my cousin who lost his son last month. It was really traumatising for the family and I was quite depressed.... so upset that I didn't move from my couch the day after I heard the news. I was stuck in the same spot for about 10 hours and cannot even recall eating. It was such a huge blow and great loss BUT all I can say is God knows best! RIP DA!!!

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poeticallytinted said...

Fantastic. I am happy you are happy. I am happy you updated was beginning to wonder if i was ever going to get an update out of you.
I am very unhappy you didn't post pictures!