Sunday, April 20, 2008

5FM & Akon Live in Cape Town: 12.04.08

I have just 1 word for his performance... BRILLIANT!!!!! All those who didn't go for his show... YOU MISSED!!!

I danced so much, screamed so much and danced so much! He was actually in the crowd!!! And he told those with the normal tickets (like me) to cross over to the "Gold Side"... i.e. those with the gold tickets. I didn't though.... for fear of being crushed.

I had no clue I was THAT MUCH of an Akon fan... well now I know. He was brilliant. That near strip-tease.... even I had to hold my breath and scream NO THANK YOU! The crowd went WILD!!!

I've been singing his songs ever since. Shame I didn't take my camera for fear of being mugged. But all that was BULL!!! I have no idea why people just overhype the crime in SA. I mean yes there is crime but haba... as long as you're cautious, don't walk alone at night or do silly things tourists do like hang cameras on their necks and pray hard, you have nothing to fear.

People warned me against going alone. The area is dodgy, blah, blah, blah. Well I tried to find someone without success but I damn well going going to sit at home wishing I had gone... so I did.... after all it wasn't the first time I was going for a concert alone. Best move ever. not sure I would have loosened up that much if I was with someone. I think I'll start going for concerts alone. that way I have my "no holds barred" fun.

Fat Joe was there as well... but I'm not much of a rap/hip-hop fan but he was good and Black Violin....

Sadly... I have no pictures... BUT I have the memories... That definitely counts.

Well done 5FM. The advert with the model walking her giant pet tarantula was brilliant! It truly was a good show!

Thumbs Up to 5FM, the Urban Music Festival, AKON's DJ (he was really good... his work, his hair and his skirt )... and of course AKON!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Cape Town Crystal Gala

Every project begins with a brief…. and then an explanation of the brief. But THIS was a little different.

IT began with a mini-lecture, a certain expectation by the Academic Director of what was expected of us as 2nd year students…. And we thinking… “ohhhh-k-a-y-y-y… where is he going with this?”

IT then advanced into a glowing review of what a certain gala represented and an address by a representative of the producers of the certain gala. A show, the 1st of its kind in Cape Town with the best of jazz music and a runway showcasing work from international and local designers, 12 evening gowns (and 6 male outfits) from the 2nd (and 3rd) year students at FEDISA.

Errrr….. REEEE---W-I-N-D…..!!! Only 12? But we’re over 20 in all...


…what was meant to be yet another task for the module, “corseted evening gowns” turned out to be a mini-competition for the launch of the Crystal Gala ball in Cape Town, part of an annual event alongside the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

And FEDISA’s interpretation of Crystal Gala? An array of “shimmering” corseted evening gowns in shades of only white and silver and LOTS OF BLING!!!!

Only THEN did we get the brief!

And boy… did our classroom turn into FEDISA’s version of Project Runway!

Patterns, fabric, tools, threads, you name it EVERYWHERE!!!

Fittings, accessories and yelps and screams of pain from damaged fingers caused by rotary cutters, pin pricks and sewing machines all over the place.

I was one of the last to finish (what else is new) but I was undeterred; bothered by finished garments from colleagues...

...but not discouraged.... never discouraged because I knew it wasn't over till the deadline for submission.

Funny…. We all thought our creations would look like wedding gowns but HA! FAR from it!

Well... apart from this one because this was an actual wedding gown for her sister...

Yah the chic trying on the outfit made the outfit. Shame you can't see the crystals on the outfit. Stunning work I tell you...


THIS was my initial sketch and my ORIGINAL concept.

It took me all of....what.... 10/15 minutes to sketch. Lucky for me, this first sketch was immediately approved which, though was surprising, was a huge relief. Some peeps... actually enough peeps had to work on theirs again or improve on their existing sketches.


52 pattern pieces (I pride myself on this), 2 days of couture beading (including accessories), a few modifications here and there and approximately 3 weeks later (not my fault as I had to start again because I bought the wrong fabric colour), this was what my concept turned out to be…..


Yah I know you can’t see much of it but there are crystals down the front and back of the outfit.

YUP! You guessed right! I was one of the CHOSEN 12!!!!!!!!!!!

We all took chances, making garments without seeing the models.

BUT I was lucky. Mine was a perfect fit! And I have God to thank for that.

I never got to see it on the runway but I do have this picture of the final result. AND it truly is a good feeling.

Honestly? In a class filled with such talent, I never thought I’d be part of the final 12… or 14 I think the final figure was. Perhaps I underestimate myself.

I still think my garment was simple in comparison with what my mates did but I have been told it is brilliant. Hey… I got chosen didn’t I? I guess I really am too hard on myself.

Lesson learnt? Always believe in yourself… no matter what!

And you know what? It gets better…

I already have orders for the garment…… or better still…. my work…


There is HOPE… and ASSURANCE… that I will indeed, by God’s grace, succeed in my chosen career path.

Check out to see the outfits that made the Crystal Gala runway.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


OK... the pet hairs are REALLY starting to get on my nerves now!

They are EVERYWHERE!!! In my face, on my clothes, in my food... I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING! And Snuffles now has this annoying habit of waking me up at 6am.


At least I don't have to pack pet poop all day. They're clean like that. And though the hair is annoying, they are still adorable!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meet the Pets...

Hello People,

You'll be pleased to know I've moved house! YAYE!!!! I tell you, God loves me! The place is so nice it's not even funny! It is simply brilliant! Just check out the view from the balcony....

Amazing right?

Well.... remember those pets I told y'all about? Here they are!

MEET... (drumroll please.....)


my new football mate.

He's always harrassing me to play football with him which I enjoy doing. I'm sure if I play 30 mins everyday with him, I'd lose weight in no time!


The wise old cat. Quiet, quite mature.... well as mature as cats can be, very friendly, very finicky about food, loves to be stroked (which cat doesn't), doesn't like milk and sleeps all day!

and Minky!

The mischievious feline! Very playful, eats everything, always hungry, LOVES to eat, LOVES milk and loves to explore.

She ran away the other day, jumped right out the bathroom window! I almost had a fit! How do I tell the owner that I lost her cat in less than 1 wk of moving in. And imagine how stupid I felt walking up and down the block with a bowl of milk shouting Minky.

I finally found her in the dark stairwell! And I almost smacked her. Now she runs away when she sees me. But she's just so adorable, i've forgiven her.

I've always loved dogs though I'm scared of those I don't know. It's funny, just recently I was seriously aching for a dog..... and now I have not only a dog but 2 cats! After only 1 wk of living with them, I wonder how pple can live without pets. And the cats???... why get a teddy bear when you can get a cat!

Oh.... and the owner Michelle? A truly lovely person. Very good-looking. She's so much older than I am but looks amazing for her age. She'd give me a run for my money any day.
And the smoking is not an issue at all! She only smokes when I'm not there and burns candles to absorb the smell. We get on great!

So people, now I can see the silver lining behind the cloud. Trust me when I tell you everything happens for a reason. Ever since moving to Cape Town, I have had many testimonies and now I truly believe that every disappointment is a blessing!

Have a great week y'all! I know I will... I'm on a one-week break! HA!