Sunday, April 20, 2008

5FM & Akon Live in Cape Town: 12.04.08

I have just 1 word for his performance... BRILLIANT!!!!! All those who didn't go for his show... YOU MISSED!!!

I danced so much, screamed so much and danced so much! He was actually in the crowd!!! And he told those with the normal tickets (like me) to cross over to the "Gold Side"... i.e. those with the gold tickets. I didn't though.... for fear of being crushed.

I had no clue I was THAT MUCH of an Akon fan... well now I know. He was brilliant. That near strip-tease.... even I had to hold my breath and scream NO THANK YOU! The crowd went WILD!!!

I've been singing his songs ever since. Shame I didn't take my camera for fear of being mugged. But all that was BULL!!! I have no idea why people just overhype the crime in SA. I mean yes there is crime but haba... as long as you're cautious, don't walk alone at night or do silly things tourists do like hang cameras on their necks and pray hard, you have nothing to fear.

People warned me against going alone. The area is dodgy, blah, blah, blah. Well I tried to find someone without success but I damn well going going to sit at home wishing I had gone... so I did.... after all it wasn't the first time I was going for a concert alone. Best move ever. not sure I would have loosened up that much if I was with someone. I think I'll start going for concerts alone. that way I have my "no holds barred" fun.

Fat Joe was there as well... but I'm not much of a rap/hip-hop fan but he was good and Black Violin....

Sadly... I have no pictures... BUT I have the memories... That definitely counts.

Well done 5FM. The advert with the model walking her giant pet tarantula was brilliant! It truly was a good show!

Thumbs Up to 5FM, the Urban Music Festival, AKON's DJ (he was really good... his work, his hair and his skirt )... and of course AKON!!!!

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t said...

Good to go out alone sometimes, it's when I feel most free to be crazy ;) but I did hear terrible things about SA crime and then I watched Tsotsi too and if I could get over it I would totally do FIFA 2010 but got this irrational fear. Hmmm, I went to Yemen and found it the safest place I'd EVER been after all the crap ppl told me about it being dangerous, bin-Laden's home etc so maybe can get over the Jo'burg thing.

Akon's music does cling to you like smoke, doesn't it? Glad you had a crazy fun time :)