Thursday, September 25, 2008

Y'all are probaby wondering where I've been right?

Yes yes I know... I've been away but I'm cool. Enough gist to catch up on but right now I'm slaving away at my machine preparing for the fashion show in October. And I'm FARRRR from finished, trust me. I don't even have a model. I'm making the clothes and praying to God they fit the model, when I find her. Theme? Time Shift. AND this is like another competition because I'm not sure if I'll be in the show. It's like a Crsytal Gala all over again.

I just thought I should buzz. Should be able to breathe by Wednesday.... for a while.... And then I'll fill all y'all in on all that you've missed.

Enjoy your week all!


poeticallytinted said...


poeticallytinted said...

Go to my page to claim your award. You are CERTIFIED HONEST BLOGGER!!! no spam oh, truthfully.

TWayne said...

Ok. Will do. Thx.