Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've just about HAD IT!

Can you just imagine this lady has refused to give me a full refund of my deposit??? She claims I'm still liable to pay her for the portion of the one-month notice period I am not staying at the flat. In other words, she's taking half of my deposit!

She tells me I cannot move out of the flat because she's already posted an advert stating the room will be available from the middle of September. Like .. hello... can an advert not be modified???
So as a friend said, "she wants me out, but wants me to move only when she's ready". She claims the room will be unoccupied during that period which I know is a lie! For Pete's sake, she was telling the prospective tenants that the room will be available from 1 September in my presence. And I KNOW she will not give me my full refund even if the room is occupied from the 1st of the month. Meaning she benefits both ways. How greedy can one get??? Can you just imagine?! I am sooooo PISSED!!! Is it legal to do this???

I have checked the South African laws and there's no provision regarding this peculiar situation. And people, it's not about the money but the principle. I hate being cheated and people taking advantage of situations simply because they can. It appears extorting money from international students appears to be the in thing these days. I am aware this lady witheld money from the 2 previous tenants as well. I know this because she told me. The sad thing is she'll get away with it. That's what really irks me! To be honest, I cannot be bothered to seek legal representation on this. I mean, the law says I'm entitled to a written notice (which she didn't give me) and the interest accrued on the deposit (which I bet she won't give me).

But you know what? It's not worth the time, effort or money (though sometimes it may be worth it just for the principle). That and the fact that most times, we'd rather stay safe than fight for our rights. But I've always regarded money as a secondary issue, for my sanity and no matter what, I know I'll always get money because I pay my tithes religiously. So things always just work out for me.

Well people have asked me to leave it to God so I will. But I am out of here tomorrow by God's grace. After all, there's no reason to stay anymore. In fact, I cannot bear to be in this environment any longer. The sad thing is I've already paid for the new place, so I've lost a substantial sum of money, which right now could come very handy since the year has ended and I'm "very rich".

Thing about situations like these, money obtained through inappropriate means never lasts and like my mother says in literal translation from Yoruba, "you cannot buy a product that will make you smile from taking money that has made someone else cry". I know one thing for sure... my God is up there and He sure will look out for me like He always has!

I am very pained people. I am pained! But hey, what's a few rands right? Much MUCH more will come my way by God's grace when I become rich and famous! And t-h-e-n she can eat from the crumbs that fall from my plate! Amen!


poeticallytinted said...


poeticallytinted said...

AMEN!!! If I talk now, you won't post my comment

TWayne said...

I apologise for this. Please go ahead and say anything you want to say. Freedom of expression remember. .. :-)

So... what EXACTLY did you want to say again?

poeticallytinted said...

Your landlady is a biatch and an old hag!!!! If i was in SA she'll be nursing a black eye or two by now!!!

there! I've said it. Gonna publish it?

poeticallytinted said...

You published it!!!!

where are you? you've been pretty silent. Holler. did you see my email on the project in memory of Tena