Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Year's (2007) Graduate Show...

Time sure des fly! B
arely a year ago, we were preparing for my college's very 1st graduate show and it was quite hectic. Last year's show was at the Whale Well in the Isiko Natural History Museum. I had no clue how it would turn out but it was stunning. I was a worker, helping to set up the venue, and an usher. What an experience!!! And y'all know how I love before and after stories.

The venue was transformed from this:

and this:

to this:

The food:

And drinks:

Anywayz, without dwelling too much on the past, lemme show you some of the outfits at the show. Sadly, I didn't get a good view of some of the pictures but managed to get these:

The first 5 or so were some designs from my class (then the 1st years), some outfits from the Midsummer Night's Dream show we had and the rest were f
rom the graduate collection.

3rd Year Collection:

There are actually more pictures but uploading them is taking forever and I need to get some sleep!


This year's graduate show promises to be the bomb. Not only because of the location, the Rooftop Marquee at Waterfront, above the Aston Martin Showroom, and the hype that's been going on about it but also the fact that ALL 3 OUTFITS OF MINE GOT INTO THE SHOW!!! And I intend to take LOTS of pictures (unlike last year where I didn't take 1 picture!)!!! I literally worked like a dog and my efforts paid off so yes I'm pleased. Tickets are sold out and people are still placing orders for tickets which are not and which will not be available.

This year's show will be the bomb so watch this space peeps... and wish me luck!!!

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