Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yup... the much talked about Fashion Show has come and gone...


The fashion show was the bomb!!! I know I promised to upload the pictures. Don't worry, they should be up shortly; emphasis on "should". I didn't have a digicam so a friend's dad took pictures and I'm waiting for them.

I am still woozy from the success of the show. I yelled so much my throat was sore.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong on that day but I know I must have done something before that God was really pleased with because I keep getting out of scrapes...

All was going well! Days before the show, I was ready with my costume, accessories, wig, et all. While others panicked about this and that, I was just relaxing and waiting for the event. Don't get me wrong, I did not sleep at all! I had more than a fair share of stress but thank God I met the deadline! No use spending all that time and money to get a mark LESS 25% or worse... get kicked off the show!

... UNTIL.....

My model cancelled on me.... 11pm the night before the show! Can you imagine????!!! So I was stuck with trying to find another model before the show, hoping and praying that the outfit the outfit would whoever I found. Lucky me I was able to get a model 15 minutes later.... God bless Dinny!

Anywayz, we all had to get to Canal Walk at 4.45 pm otherwise we'd be off the show. Anyone who knows my Academic Director would tell you he is a man of his word. Fantastic person... but definitely someone to be feared.

SO I called a friend of a friend who owns a cab company and booked a cab for 3.45pm to avoid rush hour traffic and get to Canal Walk.... max... in 20 minutes. 3.45 the guy doesn't show up. 4, 4.10, 4.15... I start to panic. I still had to pick my model up and get to Canal Walk plus I was out of airtime. SO I ask my neighbours in the sweetest way possible if I could use their phone to call a cab. After calls to 2 cab companies, I was weak! There were no cabs! It's now 4.30!

Finally I was able to get a cab... at 4.45. Where's the first cab guy you ask me? I have no clue and he hasn't called yet. Anywayz, he calls me at 5.30 to tell me he would be unable to pick me up. At 5.30???!!! Anywayz, being the proactive person that I I was already in a cab stuck in rush hour traffic... bumper to bumper stand-still traffic. In Cape Town???!!! There's NEVER any traffic in CPT.

Where's my model you ask... since I was supposed to pick her up? Her mother was lovely enough to bring her to Canal Walk! Phew! So we finally met up and reported to the AD at 6.15pm. Luckily he was already aware of the situation so I was still on the show.

But moi, being the vain child that I am, rather than rush to get my model sorted still had to look for a top to wear for the show. I should've been smacked right? So I drag my model into Truworths and spent another say 20 minutes or so looking for a top.

Finally I get her backstage and start to dress her up. Just managed to do something with her make-up. I knew what I wanted but didn't really dwell on it since my previous model was a make-up artist. But guess putting all my eggs in one basket was like the greatest mistake ever.....!!!!!

BUT.... as they say.... all's well that ends well! The show was a success!!! After a third of my Long Island Iced Tea, I was tipsy (yah... I have a very low alcohol tolerance level so sue me)... I get home... tired and happy... but instead of sleeping still spent the next 3 or so hours chatting to a friend... whilst my other classmates went clubbing to celebrate the success of the show.

It's weird though.... About a month's work was up in about 20 seconds. But hey I got my own 20 seconds of fame! And it's a good feeling I tell you!

Oh..... check this out...

During my research on Clothing and Accessories for any active sport of my choice (in my case basketball), I came across this amazing picture.....

LOL..... Now THAT is a dawg with attitude!

This is one of the best pictures I have seen in a while. I think I'll make it my profile I really can't get over it!

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