Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cape Town......

I know…. I have absolutely no excuse!!! Oct 31st was the last time I updated this blog! I should be flogged. It has been very busy here but like I said it’s no excuse!!! Guess I have to work better at multi-tasking and my time management skills.

I still do not have the pictures from my fashion show yet…. and may never actually get them now that I think about it… but hopefully I should get at least 1 shot of my model in my costume.

Right…. The past few days have been a blast. It’s funny how people who live in a city never appreciate the city the way tourists do. I used to wonder why people came from all over the world, enduring 11 hours in the air, to visit Cape Town. I never fully understood until I had the opportunity to be a tourist last week.

My friend, Beekay, remember him from my birthday shout out in September? Well I harassed him into coming to visit because I was bored. Yah Cape Town can be very boring when you don’t know many people. Anywayz, being the darling that he is, he decided to put a gurl out of her misery by visiting for 10 days. Luckily, he met another German tourist on the plane, Wolfgang, who was visiting Cape Town and who happened to be living about 2 blocks away. (which reminds me, I have to call him before he leaves…). Those guys make a formidable team! They’ve been to more places in 10 days than I have been in my 10 months of living in Cape Town.

So armed with only a map, we went on a road trip to Paarl, Franchoek and went whale-watching in Hermanus. We drove in the mountains, by the sea, took pictures, and spent about 9 hours on the road. I tell you, I had a blast!

I rest my case here. Check out the pictures. Most of the credit… like 95% of the credit, goes to Wolfgang who took the pictures.

OK I’d have uploaded more but I got tired. These 2 took like forever not to talk of it beefing my data bundles!

Anywayz….. I look forward to welcoming you to Cape Town. You can always give me a shout when you come.

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