Monday, September 24, 2007


September used to be an eventless month for me. It was one of the most boring months…..unlike May….where almost every family, mine included, had at least one person born in May. So May was the best time for me to be in seclusion and conveniently be sooooo busy just so I wouldn’t run bankrupt! Birthdays literally started on 1 May….in fact, it starts with 2 people born 1 May, then 2nd, and 3rd…..and it goes on like that. Of course we all know bdays come with cards and gifts!

So yah….at least September was a good month to recuperate from all the February, March, April, May, June, July and August expenses.

But THAT was THEN!

NOW 3 of the best people I have ever met on this earth, and who I never really appreciated till I came to CPT, happen to be born in September. So yah, I have added September to my list of eventful months. These three have kept me company right from when I met them, through the toughest times and have stayed by me all through, especially since I came to CPT. I am ashamed to admit that we are still friends today, not by my effort but God’s and theirs. Because everyone knows how horrible I am when it comes to keeping in touch. But my friends, all guys, have realised this shortcoming, accepted me for it and kept in touch!

SO please
let me use this opportunity to wish 3 of my “bestest” pallies a very very Happy BDay!!! And of course drop a tiny gift.... (no I'm not a cheapo!)

(....hmmnnnn.....sorry it looks squashed...)

One thing I was addicted to when I was much younger….and I’m talking about early university days, was Internet Chat rooms. I would be online ALL NITE chatting to absolute strangers. The beauty about it though was unlike other people, I actually met a lot of these people… person. And these internet pals are 2 of the 3 I have been raving about!

BeeKay started out as just an internet pally till I met him….when…I cannot remember….when he came to Lagos. One of the first, he turned… I’m not telling …. on the 12th. He lives in the UK and I talk to him every day,….well almost everyday….He talks to me like I’m next door. And if you know me, you’ll know one of my hobbies is gisting! And boy…..can I talk on the phone!!! One of the greatest complaints I have from friends is the huge phone bills they get. If I had a cent for every text, every compliment, every word of encouragement and every laugh I get from BeeKay, the World Bank would be envious!

Anywayz, Beekay is an absolute blessing!!! I thank God every day that I met him. He really is a darling, a treasure to have!!!!!!!!!

Mukaila…..(actually his name is Michael) turned…..I’m sure you know by now I won’t tell…..on the 17th. He also lives in the UK. This is one guy who…..till tomorrow….it is amazing we are still friends. That guy disses me so much it’s not even funny…… And he forever reminds me of how I lied to him the first time we met online. Really we had been talking for at least 2 hours and I really had to get offline…not because I was tired of talking to him but because I just needed to leave the PC then. Of course seeing that I’m NICE like that, I didn’t want him to feel bad so I told him the rice I was cooking was burning and I had to leave. Original eh?! Truth was……my mom had just come in and being online, that early in the morning, meant my arse was toast! And yah Michael, that is the truth!

Michael is absolutely fantastic!!!! You will laugh so much your sides will ache when you talk to him. I also speak to him really often. He is just amazing!!!

deDuke………(yah…..that's how it's spelt)..... Now what can I say about this guy…..Actually question should be what can I NOT say about this guy??????? First he was never an internet pally. We used to work together. Then he became a friend….and then a confidante. If I start now, I probably would go on and on. He turned……..on the 22nd. He lives and works in Lagos and when I don’t talk to him, which is like almost never, I get a text message…, which come when they are most appreciated. It is kinda freaky because when I think…..”hmmmnnnn……odd! I haven’t heard from this guy”, I get a text message like 2 seconds later!!! Scary eh?

deDuke is simply a fantastic person, with a brilliant sense of humour. His texts are different, some funny, some inspiring and some prayers. He never ceases to disgrace me because he always sends a shout-out before I ever get to do the same. Shame on me eh?

Now the best thing about these guys gurls is that they are all SINGLE!!!!! Wait…no Michael isn’t anymore. Shame! BUT….I’ll keep you posted if anything happens…

So yah….. BeeKay and deDuke are single and (though they wouldn’t admit it and would probably murder me for this), are SEARCHING!!! So if you’re interested, I can hook you up. TRUST me, you can never go wrong with any of them.

Why not take one of them you ask me? Truth is it’d be a battle deciding who to go for. Besides you know what they say about not wrecking true friendship……

SO………….1st bidding starts at.......???

You 3 have a wonderful year ahead and I’m wishing you lots of God’s guidance and blessings alwayz……

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