Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It’s half term people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know what that means???

· No school for 2 weeks;
· No waking up early and rushing to school to beat the 9am roll call attendance for 2 weeks;
· No patterns to cut for 2 weeks;
· No tops to destroy….meaning no Mavrou (our name for our Senior Sewing Mistress/Lecturer which means "my friend" in Afrikaans…. though I don’t think that’s how it’s spelt) or Miss A (Mavrou’s assistant) telling me to “unpick” a stitch (how I dread that word)…. Or the words…. “Where’s your quick unpick?”
· No storyboards or figure drawing for 2 weeks; and
· I can sleep non-stop for 2 weeks (and sleeping is one thing I do best….but not better than my flat mate. She literally sleeps all day!)

So why am I not happier than I am now? Because I have a HECK of a lotta homework that’s why!

I have 3 major projects:

· a fashion show coming up in October;
· a history project where I have to make a costume depicting either the 16th or 17th century….or is it the 17th or 18th century??? I need to re-read the brief; and
· a “Hat – Making (Millinery) ”competition which we are all mandated to enter as part of our course marks; the only reason I am entering the competition.

The first thing we had to make as part of the costume for the fashion show was a WIG from scratch. My Academic Director, seeing he’s cool like that, decided his theme for the fashion show would be Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”. Of course, seeing this project was due during my “phase”, I was so not in the mood. And of course, everyone knows a crap mood only produces crap work. So my wig was crap I have to admit. WORSE, I had to explain how I came up with a concept I never came up with. So NOT only did I waste a lot of money making the crap wig, I also wasted a lot of time and got crap marks because…..yah you guessed it, I have to re-do the wig because I got below 70%. SO whilst others who came up with such fantastic creations, I was weak, and who of course got above 70%, I have to add more baggage to my already excess baggage by re-doing my wig! Sigh……………

YAH… I have the wig, the costume, I have to look for a volunteer model, make the shoes, sort out the make-up, ensure the wig fits, and do all the running around for the show coming up late October. PLUS I have to start thinking of making my summer dress, using the 3D fabric I made, which is the end of term project, due mid-November or so.

Then the History Project, due the Friday before the Fashion show. We usually have 1 history project every module and everyone in my class would tell you our history projects are the most demanding projects ever. I don’t even need to tell you much about the project….just look at the title…..”Costumes from the 16th and 17th….” you know I’m not sure which it is….16th and 17th….or 17th and 18th….will recheck and get back to you. And my History lecturer is absolutely marvellous! He is a mountain of knowledge…… so you know you can’t give him crap work!

And then the competition…… I don’t even want to think about that. I mean I just made a hat in school and it was just hideous. But hey…..I take solace in the fact that I can make a hat! But you can’t submit a horrid hat for a competition can you?

So yah…that’s a snapshot of my half-term.


I am so excited!!!!!!!! I’m about to have a hair cut! I get excited whenever I’m about to get a new hair style. BUT it is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Anyone in Cape Town would tell you that the beauty and hair industry (sorry for the unconventional term) is the most expensive industry here in Cape Town. You literally have to ask for a bank loan to get a decent hair style in this city…..or any other city outside Nigeria for that matter!

BUT….like I said earlier….with spring comes hope. And with hope comes a new outlook…..and…,you will agree with me, a new outlook deserves a new look. And what better way to get a new look than a new hair style!

Need less to say I have had the same hair style for 2 months now, I can pull out the corn-rowed-weave by tugging on it. And NO it doesn’t smell because I clean and condition my scalp regularly thank YOU!

And guess what style I decided on? The famous Halle Berry crop:

And I know it will suit me. Hey!....I’m allowed to be vain ain’t I?

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