Monday, September 17, 2007

The Truth……

Well the truth (which, as they say, will set you free) …..and the honest truth (like there’s any such thing as a dishonest truth) ….is that I was going through a phase… all-time low…..and if I had blogged, you would have felt it through the blog. And I didn’t want that…. SO I decided to stay away till I felt better. Needless to say that THE WORK was absolutely “hectic”….lol….that’s a new slang I learnt here. Hectic is the safest word to use when you can’t quantify/qualify anything … or have run out of words or the situation/product/service/etc. is just simply literally hectic! lol…

So yah…(another slang I learnt)…..I stayed away…. And now I’m back!

A lot has happened in what … a month ….. (WHAT??? 1 month) …since I have been away. Oh… lest I forget, thank you for the e-mails I received from people asking where I have been. Believe me, those e-mails went a really long way I tell you.

So yah where was I? The lot that had happened eh (and yet another slang)…? To be honest, I can’t really recall much of it. BUT one thing I do remember is the fact that I had the unhealthiest of meals during this period!!! I was just eating and eating it wasn’t even funny (lol…. and here’s a slang/phrase I learnt as well….) ….You name it, I had it….bangers, greasy chips, pizza, fizzy drinks, burgers, hot dogs …..goodness….. I should be smacked! Thank God, I walk a lot….. and ... yah ... I do walk a lot around here… seeing there’s no car!

So yah….lucky for me….I snapped out of my phase. Can’t really tell what it was but a lot had to do with the fact that I was bored….. and life was a home-school, the occasional movie/drinks/clubbing routine. People who know me would tell you I am an “all over the place” kinda person. I guess…that’s what you get for going to a place where you know absolutely no one! Sometimes I wonder why I came to Cape Town… but I guess it’s best to go to places where you don’t really know people…..that way you can really discover who you are without “influence”.

PLUS not only did I totally wreck my brand new 3-week old Nokia N76 (and NO I wasn’t drunk) but worst of all, I found out, by accident, that my neighbour had a set of keys to my flat!

How did this happen? Well…I’ll tell you.

I rushed out one morning without my phone and my assignment due that morning. Of course, there’s nothing worse than working all night on a project and then handing it in late…because that meant -25%.....or ZERO after 24 hours! My sister was around on holidays so she was with the keys to the flat, in the flat. I yelled and yelled, banged and banged and generally created a scene. But whilst every other person in the block heard my yelling and banging, I cannot for the life of me understand how my sister did not hear it. My knuckles are still sore from the banging! She claims it was the music I left on! Ludicrous I tell you, because I never turn the music on loud for fear of my neighbours. I was warned when I moved in about some guy who stayed above me and how he complains about the noise.

ANYWAYZ, this concerned neighbour comes out and asks if there was anything she could do. I told her I didn’t think so but explained I was trying to get in anyway. She comes out with this bunch of old keys she said she had and said maybe one could help open the door. I was still arguing when she tried the 2nd key and voila! The door swings open! My jaw LITERALLY hit the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what could I do? I reported her to my agent who told me she’d sort it out. That was over a month ago! BUT how do I challenge the woman, who did me a favour that morning by asking for the keys back without making her feel bad?

I’m still stuck on what to do because I don’t want her to think I’m accusing her of anything. BUT I tell you I am really worried. NOW I sleep with my keys in the lock, whilst hoping no-one goes into my flat in my absence!

THIS… coupled with other matters just made me want to go back home! Wait….. could it be that I was actually home-sick? You know it never occurred to me that that could be the reason until NOW! One thing I do know is that I MISS not working … I mean I have been working even before I left university so being stuck as a full-time student is not easy for me.

But thankfully, phone calls and friends got me by. I still have a concern though… no I'm not telling on this one... but I’m working on getting it sorted.

BUT HEY!!!! It’s Spring now (though Cape Town is colder and wetter than ever)!!! I mean Jo’burg is in the late 20s and early 30 degrees with fire alerts but the lovely Mother City is still around 16 degrees, struggling unsuccessfully to get to 18 degrees.

BUT with Spring comes beauty and hope! So yah….I’m hopeful…..(reminds me of my alarm tone which I absolutely love but everyone is absolutely sick of….Twister and Faith Evans). PLUS I went for a church conference “Dare You To Move” or "Dare You NOT To Move" as rephrased by one of the speakers! I had a blast I tell you. What better way to start the season.

Before I call it a day, I’d like to wish all Moslems a “Happy Ramadan”. Eat for 2 whilst breaking your fast!

Y’all have a wonderful week ahead!

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