Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Yes We Can! We Can Do Anything If We Try..... But We Gotta Try..."

I kept playing this song by Donnie McClurklin on my MP3 player and singing it repeatedly throughout today the minute I heard on the 6am news that Barrack Obama won the US Presidential Elections. I thought to myself 1st Mandela, Now Obama... Wow... things are happening!!! Martin Luther King's dream has finally become a reality!

I almost cried!!! My sleepless night was worth it.
True, I did not follow the US presidential elections as religiously as a lot of people did, but I screamed the loudest when I heard Obama won.

Today, 5th November 2008, really is a historic day. I wish I was in America right now. There's no better feeling than having a massive smile on your face when your President walks in or you see him on TV!!! The whole world backed this man and I'm glad he won. Hey, it could have gone both ways but somehow it didn't! Too many people had faith and the huge turnout at the polls proved it. His success cannot be contested.

Martin Luther King is probably smiling down on us now. I mean despite adversity, assassination attempts and public criticism by his opponent and even his Vice President, he remained humble and stood firm. He is a man we can identify with, not an imposing figure but an ordinary man who despite being very humble holds the most powerful position and is highly respected worldwide! I am beaming so much it hurts and I actually feel like crying! It really is a good day!

I'm not sure people actually understand the implications of this man being President but I do! He is not a 10 generation African but a true African... I mean his DAD not his great great great great great (to infinity) grandfather was African.
He really represents a message of hope for us all that YES WE CAN and it can be done!!! AND he has plansssss..........

How I want to sing loudly at the top of my voice "Oh Happy Day..." It really is overwhelming...

Congratulations my brothers!!! Well Done Obama!!!

God bless you!!! Please do us proud!!!

I've started my gallery of great black Presidents in controversial societies. Please let's add more to this list!

Cheers People!!!

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