Monday, July 21, 2008

B for Babes... Rest In Peace B.A....

Surely it must be too soon to write yet another tribute... so soon after Tenades... in fact back to back.

What is happening???? Just when I thought I was finally starting to put the last 6 months behind me... 6 months of sadness, 6 months of tears, now this happens in the 7th month.

Why Lord? Why???

I have cried so much in the past 6 months, … in fact more than 6 months... since last November to be precise after losing AA … that I am now numb. I had had enough depressive episodes and thought I was starting to pull myself together and now this. In fact I was so in shock after the news today, I had to watch a movie just to get my mind off it... what a temporary measure. The pain is still there.

Babes.... you were SUCH a treasure.... A pleasure to everyone who knew you. That smile.... that picture in the mag.... smile.... yes I can only smile....

That day!!! That event!!!! The event that made us meet. The event , like Adora said, which initially seemed like a waste of money but was worth every penny because we met you. YOU made that event bearable.

I still cannot believe it... but I remember the bubble dress and the hair.... I thought you had a lot of attitude.... the attitude needed to pull it off.

THEN your smile.... My goodness... that smile....

BABES.... though we didn't see much of each other, I can NEVER forget you! This reminds me of that chain mail that tells us to cherish everyone and never let our busy lives get the better of us. This is the 2nd time now.... after you even jokingly harrassed me for not contacting you. I still have your FB wall post. But if I recall correctly, I tried to reach you.... without success.... but obviously I didn't try hard enough because it seems so vague...


I take solace in the fact that you are up there with God smiling down on us, telling us "it is well".

God Bless You Babes. Rest In Peace!!! We will meet again!

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Adorable said...

These sort of things send me to that dark place I hate to visit. 2 great friends in quick succession.

Special doesn't begin to describe the friends we've lost Twayne, they were angels sent to walk among us.

I will also cherish the friends who are still here with me for life does take funny turns.

Rest in peace Tena, Rest in Peace Bola.