Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to a Legend - Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

(29 August 1958 - 25 June 2009)
Memorial Service: 7 July 2009

Yes yes... I know... but hey... I just had to write about the music icon Michael Jackson. I mean I expected a lot from him, after all, the press made lots of money telling tales about him but I definitely didn't expect this!

Lame as this may sound, I "remember the time"-s, countless times actually, I sat down next to a deck, pen and paper in hand trying to get the lyrics to many of his songs; Dirty Diana, Man In The Mirror, Smooth Criminal, Give In To Me, etc... you name it, I tried it. I didn't succeed then because for some strange reason, I just never got the lyrics, particularly Smooth Criminal, and I ended up mouthing words that sounded just like the lyrics.

Goodness - only about 2 months ago, while working on Outfits 3 to 5 of my final collection, I got this sudden urge to listen to the Dangerous album and I did. Day in, day out, I listened to the album, repeating my favourite songs such as Who Is It, Give In To Me, Keep The Faith and Keep It In The Closet over and over again for no reason, his voice keeping me company all night, amidst the pain from the pin pricks. Little did I know the world would be mourning him today...

The world has said a lot, just check out Facebook and like a cousin said:

"Even in death, he still stole our hearts. Talk about a Smooth Criminal".

How true! I actually thought his body would be embalmed and preserved for at least a year or so. I'm sure the world wouldn't mind at all.

But sad as his personal life may have been, I am actually thankful that God gave him to us to help make a difference in our lives and I am certain he will be remembered for decades to come.

Here are just a few Facebook updates about this Icon:

"When the earth takes great men, the world looks for a successor. But none will come, and none will ever come. For they were men distinguished only with themselves... There'd never be another Michael Jackson...RestInPeace!"

"You were God's gift to us."

"MJ : Special tribute to the KING OF POP! MAN This guy made history sorry he is history and he changed history!"

"...RIP Micheal Jackson.You will be dearly missed and would forever be a hero."

"Yes indeed, the world did stand still for a moment to pay a fitting tribute to Michael Jackson. Keep looking at that Man In the Mirror."

"Your musical presence has left a mark on us, you healed the world thru ur music and transcended race, tribe and it's time for us to look at the man in the mirror celebrate our......"

"...there's a choice we'r making...Micheal I will truly miss you. It is sad we never got to meet, but thanks a lot for giving, showing us a piece of your heart and making d world a betterplace with your talent. Thank you God!"

"Imagine they are going to pass a bill or rather debate a bill in yankee in memory of M.J saying he his an American legend. The guy is too much jo!!!"

"...let's remember the man wasn't just a performer/icon, he was a dad as well...adieu Michael, RIP n may God keep those u left behind"

"The plan for this tribute is truly to make the whole world cry. I cant watch it again but i want to watch it."

"his was the best memorial in the history of the Earth..WOW!!!"

"This is the first time i would actually cry for another man, just cause I truly listened to the words attentively on HEAL THE WORLD... I mean this guy really meant well with MUSIC. Thank you MICHEAL."

"MJ, I will learn from your life and legacy... I will enjoy regaling my children with stories about you. I am smiling through the tears. RIP."

"even in death he pulled it off... Well done MJ... See you on the other side some time..."

"There are but few men that can stand alive and look at the history they have created and the legacy they have left behind. There is only one word to describe a legend, be he alive or dead. Inspiration and strength live on forever in the reality of greatness. i am totally moved by the respect of the industry for a man that no man can be ! the one, the only, a true legend MJ. Respect ! achievement of greatness no doubt"

"why do good people have to die?....Micheal Jackson was a good man.....i know God has prepared a better place for him....Love you MJ....."

"he outsang his critics,out danced the cynics,put us on mtv and taught the world to love our music.the hits keep ringing on,the show will never stop.everytime some1 pulls his pants up and attempts a moon walk,we'll remember!"

"Long live the KING OF POP. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON. God Bless U"

"its not ur duration but ur donation to life that counts. A life well lived... RIP Wacko Jacko."

"WOW Michael Jackson was too much!!! Thanks for all the songs from my childhood...I almost forgot!!!"

"They called him the greatest entertainer that ever lived. You wanna dispute that?..."

" R.I.P Michael. we will never forget you, your words and your music. thank you."

"Loves the song 'Will you be there' & Jennifer Hudson's rendition. What a memorial ! Very well deserved. RIP MICHAEL. I'll alwz love you !"

"I cried, not so much for the memories, but for being one of his critics. Marlon made us see how much MJ longed for a 'normal' life. Before you poke fun at a person, try walking a mile in his shoes..."

"I knew that MJ was great but the comments tonight have been incredible! I wonder why such a supposedly "loved man" did not feel loved and understood.."

Need I say more??? Yes... I definitely need to. Though he was misunderstood and haunted by the tabloids (even after his death) we all agree that he is/was...

"Undeniably the greatest performer of all time! You know it, I know it, the world knows it. RIP MJ! You'll always be in our hearts... and on our ipods/MP3 players... :-)" [My FB Status]

RIP Michael Jackson!!! We love you!!! You blessed us with your music and it's time to rest. God bless you!!!

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