Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

Let me start by wishing y'all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yes this is my first post for 2008!

Yup.... there was a reason I chose to post on 11 Jan. I'm hoping y'all will see only one "1" instead of 2 and think I posted it on the 1st instead of 11th. HA! Wishful thinking eh?

Sad to know I've already broken one of my New Year resolutions and the month's not even half way yet.

Bet y'all are glad 2007 is over and enough of you have made New Year resolutions right? I know... For me, I made ONLY 1 resolution!


In more ways than one. Now this 1 resolution, when broken down, results in like 50 other resolutions BUT I am pleased to say I think I have made some progress so far.

Well.... My holiday's almost over. I should return to Cape Town next Friday (18 Jan) by God's grace.

After meeting with some bloggers on the 6th, I decided I should work more on this blog as well as write more articles related to the reason I started this blog in the 1st place, as a "Fashion Resource site" in addition to just writing about myself. After all a blogger asked me who my audience was and I really had no clue.

So y'all will hear from me, either on this page or on the S&S blog site

Anywayz, I don't wanna say much yet but y'all will definitely see more work on this site by God's grace.
Have a brilliant 2008 y'all!!!!

1 comment:

Writefreak said...

Yay i'm first!

Happy new year again, i said i would remember your blogname, and here am i!

Here's hoping you stop breaking your resolutions! lol